Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Trip from Koh Lanta to Kamala Day 15

An early morning departure for our next and last destination, Kamala Beach in Phuket. The weather was wonderful with a few white clouds high in the sky and the temperature was getting hot. The minivan arrived on time and we departed, from our nearly exclusive resort, Royal Lanta.
Koh Lanta From the Ferry
As we were near the north of the island there was just one more stop for tourists before we were on our way. We were quickly on the ferries connecting the island of Koh Lanta with the mainland and there seemed to be a quietness in minivan.

Maybe everybody was just as sad as us to leave the island or more likely everybody was still half asleep.
Krabi Transfer station
The route to Kamala took us back to the transfer station just out side Krabi where we had breakfast. A couple of bowls of chicken noodle soup which tasted much better than I'd imagined.

The transfer station started to fill up with travellers waiting for onward transport. We noticed a few departing going in our direction but it seemed to more popular beaches in Phuket. Kamala did not seem attractive to our fellow holidaymakers and infact we were the only ones heading there.

We were spotted by a driver and he didn't look to happy to take us initially. He was on the hunt for other destinations. Eventually he gave in and we piled on board with others heading to the west side of Phuket and we were off.
Thailand Route 4 Scenery
There was some quite stunning scenery along the route but the driver had his foot down and we were on the highway. Everything was flashing past really too quick to admire the rock formations and jungle forests.

After a couple of hours we were back in Phuket Island and left the highway to road that took us at a slight slower pace, a kind of follow the contours of the land road. It was still quite quick going and Kamala came in to view.
Kamala Thailand Taxi
Down there was Kamala Bay hidden behind the, believe it or not, red taxi.

The whole journey from Koh Lanta to Kamala Beach took around 5 hours and that was including the stopover in Krabi.

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