Friday, 18 February 2011

Along Nopparat Thara Beach Day 8

Breakfast included - I doubt I can ever grow to like hotel breakfasts. Here there were a few more residents which ment the selection was greater. Still it was food in our bellies and set us up for today's adventures.
Ao Nang Hotel Breakfast
Ao Nang Beach seemed too touristy and busy with long tail boats spend too much time. Thinking that, we decided to spend the day on Nopparat Thara Beach. A short walk around a corner of the road and the beach came in to view.
DUKW at Ao Nang
Somethings you expect and some you don't. We watched this boat approach the shore and not really thinking much off it until it just kept comming. Up onto the sand and it revealed itself, a DUKW or some variant.
Nopparat Thara Beach
The beach looked long and with what appeared to be a few rocky islands at the end. That would be our destination. The sand was not the  best with quite a few broken shells making a little bit rough. At least it was much quieter than Ao Nang. The further we walked the better it felt on the foot. The sun was the opposite the further we went the hotter it got and we could sense our skin cooking a little.
Nopparat Thara Secret Beach
Those rocky outcrops hid a little sandbank a bit like a secret beach but not very secret. A few other people had found their way here but not enough to make it feel like a crowd. The water was cooling and was a relief from the sun. Swimming close to the rocks we had a few tropical fish to keep us company. Not too close, those rocks are sharp and I had a few bits of sliced skin on my toes.
There was one little annoyance here. Long tail and speed boats were constantly passing and there was a slight hint of oil in the water. Not enough to put anybody off but it was there.
Food and refreshment was found just off the beach here, actually quite a selection. We had our regular bottle of Chang and two glassed here are just over 50THB. I think that much have been the cheapest bottle of beer we have ever had.
After the nice cooling refreshing drink it was a few steps next door for some food. Chicken, Some Squid and a rice dish all very tasty.
Wandering back along the beach, half the time wading in the water the rest of the time under the trees next to the road the time seemed to fly past. Evening was already showing signs of approaching and we arrived back as darkness fell.
I did stop for a banana shake to quench my thirst, it might have been a mistake.
After a bit of a rest and shower in our hotel room it was out in the town again. I knew there were lively pubs and bars around here but I was not allowed to go near them for some reason. We ended up on the other side of town for food and a fairly genuine taste of Thai food. A good bit of spice was included with no extra charge which made the mouth and lips feel extremely pleasurable.
The night was quiet, it seemed the bustle of tourist on our first day had left Ao Nang and the weather was warming.
I did feel good.

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