Thursday, 31 March 2011

Goodbye Kamala Goodbye Holiday Day 17

Our final and last day had arrived. We would be leaving Phuket and Thailand behind in a few hours time and jetting off back to concrete, skyscraper and pollution.

First port of call was the hotel restaurant for breakfast. There were a few other holidaymakers staying and the resort put on a good selection of food. But on the whole it was typically a international flavour. That is just something to expect from hotels I guess.

Packing bags Kamala

Not enough time left to take in a swim in the pool or a last look at the beach. Just packing bags and looking under the bed for anything we might have left behind.

Kamala Beach did not seem to provide any easy transport to the airport while we were there. We could have easily hopped on a bus and headed down to Phuket town and catch an airport bus from there. I`d guess during the high reason more routes would open up. So our last journey would be by Taxi. Yea we were splashing out.

The drivers were conveniently lazing out side the resort waiting for some trade. It was a hefty price we though, THB 600 to go to the airport. During the last few days we had made a few little enquiries about transport and the price always came back same. Maybe we could have haggled and tried to get a price a few THB 100 cheaper, but it was the end of the holiday and why stress.

Taking a couple of bottles of water from the 7-11 close by we jumped in our quite luxurious taxi and headed north. We passed quite a few built up areas that might be worthy of a visit next time but most of the trip was in silence. both of us were secretly crying inside realising it was time to go home.

Subway Sandwich Phuket

The taxi ride was quick, I guess less than an hour, and we were dropped off at Phuket International Airport. We had a few THB left rattling in our pockets and that was exchanged for a couple meals of a sandwich at Subway.

Departure Board Phuket

It was the end of a good holiday. My camera was full of memories that would just give a little bit of a reminder of the places we had visited. We usually just jet in to a resort and stay for the whole trip. This time we took in 5 locations and it somehow worked. The travel times were quite short but did take away a little bit of extra time on the beach. On the positive side we found some fantastic locations to visit next time.

Nai Yang and Kamala in Phuket had changed my mind about this island. Both were quiet and had good stretches of clean sandy beaches. Khao Lak was just beach after beach. If we had to have one bad choice it would be Ao Nang in Krabi. The town felt quite a bit more of busy tourist location but it was still a great visit and we would probably go back. Koh Lanta, this trip was much shorter and quieter than our last. I think we should have pencilled in a few more days on Lanta but there is always next time.

Air Asia Inflight Novelties

The green season trip was extremely cheap with the resorts costing up to 1/3 of the price during the high season. No matter what season it is the beaches never close. We had a few rainy monsoon days but nothing to spoil our trip. The sun was never far away.

All that is left to do is look at our photographs and think of our next trip. Visiting a few resorts seemed to work and for that we needed 16 days. Maybe a quick long weekend might not be far away before we have the time for another holiday.

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