Friday, 4 March 2011

Koh Lanta an Island to Ourselves Day 12

Our first night in Royal Lanta and the monsoons had brought the rains. There were patches of water still on the ground but the sun was already up and drying things up.
Royal Lanta Resort

The resort which was situated in its own little tropical forest was not serving breakfast. Low occupancy during the low season means some staff are seasonal. What we soon discovered is that we were the only guest staying here. That came as quite a surprise considering how luxurious the resort was and well the weather was not really a problem.

Our tropical forest cabin, which was said to be a traditional Thai design, had a roof was so high I`m sure we could lie on bed and see stars.

It was just a couple of hundred meters walk up to the road for food and we stopped in at Arnees again. The food was good and the heat was starting be turned up. We relaxed for a while sitting under the shade with a couple of taste servings for breakfast and watched life go past up and down the road.

Spicy Thai Food

Having eaten which was one of the main pleasures for us being on holiday it was time to take in the second pleasure. Hitting the beach. Back to the resort to change and as we walked from under out canopy of green the beach came in to view.

Deserted Beach Koh Lanta

I could say there was a scramble for some place to sit down but like the other beaches we had visited this trip the whole length was nearly deserted. It was just as we had remembered it from out last trip but just a little bit more messy. A lot of driftwood had been washed up on the shore and there were a few lines of refuse near the high tide mark.

Royal Lanta has two swimming pools one near the entrance and the other just off the beach. The first one was a bit out of the way and the beach side was getting renovated but we had the sea and that was big enough.

Klong Dao Beach Koh Lanta

Klong-Dao-Beach stretched into the distance to the north and to the south, we were practically in the middle. In front of us the sand slowly sloped into the sea and that kept the water shallow. No need to say it felt good especially in that heat. There were few clouds in the sky to keep the sunshine at bay so cooling down in the waves felt quite fantastic.

Wattery Sunset 
Next door was Sanuk Bar which we spent quite a few days watching the sunset while drinking something cool but it looked like nobody was home. Luckily we were wrong and took up position with a cool beer, 2 glasses, and watched the sunset on the horizon. It was paradise again.

With darkness making us reluctantly leave the beach, the evening took us on a short walk around the town. Well that was the idea, the monsoon rains put a stop the that and some how we ended up in Arnee's restaurant again. It was quite a downpour with thunder and lightning illuminating the skies around us.

That would put and end to our day, but we stayed and ate casually for a couple of hours with the storm torrents outside. The whole experience seemed quite exciting in a way.

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