Sunday, 21 March 2010

Weather in Koh Lanta

During our trips to various parts of Thailand the weather has always started off looking a bit grey. Usually while waiting for transport in Bangkok or getting off the plane we are met by a down pour of rain. It’s actually a bit refreshing for a few seconds then you start to think is the whole holiday going to be like this.

Bangkok Monsoon Rains

Fortunately the rains soon pass and the rest of our trips are mostly full of warm sunshine and blue skies.

Koh Lanta and southern Thailand is just above the equator and is all you could want from a tropical island, even the weather.

The seasons here are dictated by the directions of the Monsoon winds. This can be either one of two directions and splits the year into the hot dry season or the cooler wetter season. The exact months of when the seasons start and ends vary each year but mostly you could guarantee the dry season centered around April and the wetter time around September.

The average temperature across the year is around 30C with this ranging up to 36C during the hot season and 21c for the cooler monsoon. If your coming from someplace much cooler then either season would seem warm enough to be enjoyable.

Koh Lanta Low Season Monsoon

During out stay in October we has a few darker skies and some short light showers. But overall we had lots of sunshine , clear blue skies and maybe someday a little too much heat.

The cost of hotels and resorts can be twice as costly during the dry season when koh Lanta becomes more busier. Our visit was low season and I think we had the best of what was on offer. Sometimes the sand was a little to hot to walk on barefoot and shade was a bit welcoming.

Maybe we missed the heavy downpours of rains, there was some evidence of dirt on the roads after being washed down from the hills. Koh Lanta was extremely enjoyable and the weather should not put us off going there again at any time of year.