Thursday, 24 March 2011

First Look at Kamala Beach Day 15

We checked in at the Print Kamala Resort and had been allocated a garden hut. The room was big with a decking out front to sit and relax. All this was raised above the ground and set in a tropical forest complete with pond.  It was quite an exotic and relaxing setting.
Print Kamala Resort
The resort is not directly on the beach but it’s just a short walk to the sand. For us we decided to have a look around town and get some food. We should have done a bit more home work here as we set off the wrong direction away from town. Food was, um, pizza and chicken sate with a cool beer.

Having our hunger satisfied we jumped down on to the beach and took in the views. Kamala Beach sits in a little bay and  it would be an easy late afternoon walk up the sand.

Kamala Beach Looking South

The southern end just near out resort seemed to be the busiest part of  the beach, not that there were many people around. The sand was nice and soft as we headed north.


Tuned out it was a bit too soft to walk on properly. Luckily a track parallels the beach and we walked a bit more firmly. Quite a few massage tents and beach restaurants. Some were tempting but having just eaten it was not for us. That was until a pancake seller on his motorcycle came alone the path – not something we could resist. A few minutes later and a freshly cooked banana pancake was in our hands.

The north end of the bay was quiet, nothing near as touristy looking as the southern end. The waves looked challenging as they broke on the slope of the shore.

Sadly, time was not on our side and darkness was beginning to fall. We sometimes forget how early and quickly it arrives. Saying that we headed back to the resort and took to the hotel pool. I know there were other people staying here but we had the pool alone.

Resturant view

For the evening we just took a restaurant just outside of the hotel. I have to admit we were a little bit lost here and not much time to explore but it was a nice place one flight up that allowed us to dine while looking down at the road.

Ton Yum soup and a Green Curry. Both were very tasty and enjoyable but not ranking up with the best. Could we be getting a little bit too fussy with our Thai Cuisine.

The night was pleasingly warm and we sat for a while watching and finishing out beer. We could hear the occasional sound of thunder in the distance.

End of the evening was set sitting at the edge of the beach watching an amazing lightning show far out in the ocean. Too far to hear any nose but the constant bolts of electricity were illuminating up the sky. There were a few locals sitting near but it looked like there were more interesting in their mobile phones.

Kamala Ligthning

Kamala Lightning

The lightning is not something the camera could pick up easily and doesn’t really show how fantastic it looked.

End of a nice day, a little bit long in the travelling and not much time to explore. Kamala Beach was not a disappointment  but with just two nights here it`s not enough time.

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