Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lazing on Klong Dao Beach Day 14

This would be our last full day on Koh Lanta. The time passed too quick and we would be leaving tomorrow heading back to Krabi. We still had today to enjoy and the long golden sandy beach was all ours.

Klong Dao Beach Koh Lanta

At the North end of Klong Dao Beach, near Kaw Kwang, we remembered there was a semi-secret beach from last year. Going there would give us a long walk along the sand along with the occasional splash in the water.

Secret Beach Koh Lanta

The secret beach was no so secret any more. Last year there was a new resort on top of the hill but they might have missed the beach. Now they seem to have found it and built a set of stone steps leading down to the sand. It was never our beach but we couldn't help feel a bit of sadness finding other people swimming in its waters.

Sanuk Bar Koh Lanta

Sanuk Bar offered an opportunity for a cool drink on the way back along Klong Dao before heading down to the south end. Here it was a bit more rocky and there were a few fish trapped in pools but all quite small.  The beach and road nearly join at the south end of the beach so it was an easy cross over.

Onion Rings Thai Orchid

The Thai Orchid Restaurant provided another nice place to stop off from the heat of the day and a bit of something to eat. Our host was praising his brother the chef and how great he was but were were just looking for a little snack and a cool drink, maybe next time we are in town we could pop in for a meal.

An so it as back to Royal Lanta and the beach for the rest of the afternoon. We did not have the whole resort to ourselves now, another couple had arrived so that made two rooms for the housemaids to tidy in the morning. I wonder how they felt about getting a double workload.

Our time was running out and it seemed the the weather was getting better and hotter. The few showers mostly came at night and did not last long before they were gone and dried up by the next morning. Taking in the last of the beach and watching the last of sun go down we reluctantly left.

Thia Food At Arnee

Our last meal had to be at Arnee`s. We had become quite comfortable eating here and her Spicy Tom Yum soup was quite excellent.

Back at the resort we packed what we could and got ready for an early morning pick-up to go back to Krabi before heading off to the last resort on our holiday. This would be Kamala Beach on the west coast of Phuket Island. It was another new beach for us and we hoped it would just be as fantastic as the rest.

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