Saturday, 5 March 2011

Around Koh Lanta and Ban Saladan Day 13

Another beautiful morning on Koh Lanta. And it was going to be another hot one. Along with no plan whatsoever. Still some things need to be taken care off and breakfast first.

The German Bakery was close by and convenient so that the first port of call. For some reason I can`t remember what we ate here although it was taste. It must have been a western style of food and something we were ashamed of consuming in Thailand.

Further up the road, North, was Ban Saladan and it was worthy of a walk. Maybe it is our memories  but there seemed to be much more buildings and shops along here. One thing we did notice there was much less calls from taxi drivers than our last trip.

The main town of  Saldan looked much the same, just a lot lot quieter. Shops were still open and restaurants serving but quite a lacking of tourist. Wherever everybody is going too it is not Koh Lanta. I feel they might be missing something.

Tropical Fish

Not much for us to see in town, we never needed to buy any supplies and we had just eaten. Everything seemed to be resting, even the dogs we passed hardly raised an eye. Around the ferry piers we did catch a glimpse of some fish swimming under the boats and the houses built out in the the sea. Without going on a dive or snorkelling trip I don't think we will get much of a chance to swim with them. The last place swam with tropical fish was in Kota Kinabalu when we had a trip in Malaysia.

Wandering on the Beach

For the afternoon we just had to settle for our paradise beach. Still mostly having it all to ourselves and the sun just to warming to want to do anything else. It just felt quite perfect apart from the occasional need to cool down.

I wonder if the other beaches further south on Koh Lanta would be as quiet as ours. Maybe one trip we might take a resort in another place but would the range of restaurants be as accessible as they are here.

Sunset Koh Lanta

By the time the sun was setting we were back in town on the search for some tasty food to eat. The skies looked like they would bring some more monsoon rains for the night and were laden with water. This gave us a spectacular sight with the sun setting. The hills became a wonderful reddish orange colour with the light. I know there is a name for this but I can't remember it now.
Showers did arrive along with some lightning but it seemed mostly out a sea and we managed to avoid a torrential downpour.

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