Sunday, 20 February 2011

Recovering in Ao Nang Day 10

Woke up feeling a little bit better after my little bout of food poisoning. Managed a little bit of breakfast but still nowhere back to normal. Today would be nearly as uneventful as yesterday.
Ao Nang Street
A quiet day spend around Ao Nang with a little bit of lunch. I was not ready for anything spicy so it was pizza. All the way to beautiful Thailand and I eat a pizza, I should be ashamed. Although we did have a beer. The chang helps, I`m sure somebody told me that.
Chang Always Helps
The holiday was going down hill, the heat of the day sent me back to the hotel and a bit nauseous. I had thought I was recovering, I was, just not enough to enjoy myself.
Islands Sunset Ao Nang
It was our last day in Ao Nang and I was determined not to spend in a hotel room feeling sick. We managed to grab a little bit of the sunset from the hotel and then it was out for dinner.
We always share our meals between us but this time the meals on our plates would be different. The other half went for a Green Thai Curry, lucky girl. Myself I was more sedated and had a little bit of vegetable soup and some spaghetti. It was more Italian food.
Food is one of the reasons we come to Thailand, to taste something more genuine and original. Eating something from Italy felt like I was coping out. To top it off, it never tasted very good either, it was not finished. But I watched the pleasured face of my other half as she enjoyed her curry. Grrrrr
The Monsoon Rains started to fall and we sat for a while drinking a beer while we watched the people go by. It never lasted long and we paid and left.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Getting Sick in Thailand Day 9

This would not be a good day.
Wakening up around 2am with the feeling of something not quite right. Quickly followed by a rush to the bathroom. I had eaten some bad food. We suspect it much have been a banana shake I had the previous evening. What ever it was it would knock me out for most of the day and keep the bathroom occupied.
I never ventured outside all day apart from the balcony to have a bit of air. By evening I was feeling a little bit better and took for a short walk.
Sunset Ao Nang Beach
The sun was setting and it was down to Ao Nang Beach for a bit of fresh air and the sound of the sea.
South Ao Nang Beach
We had read of monkeys venturing out on to the beach in the evenings down at the south end of the beach. It wasn't a long walk but for me it felt like a marathon. My body felt like it wanted to go back to sleep and was empty on energy.
Ao Nang Beach
Still the feel of the waves on my legs took my mind of it a little bit and the sunset was worth watching.
Unfortunately we never seen any monkeys and headed back. Not really in much of an eating mood I skipped having a meal and just settled for some juice and sugars.
It was not a good day.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Along Nopparat Thara Beach Day 8

Breakfast included - I doubt I can ever grow to like hotel breakfasts. Here there were a few more residents which ment the selection was greater. Still it was food in our bellies and set us up for today's adventures.
Ao Nang Hotel Breakfast
Ao Nang Beach seemed too touristy and busy with long tail boats spend too much time. Thinking that, we decided to spend the day on Nopparat Thara Beach. A short walk around a corner of the road and the beach came in to view.
DUKW at Ao Nang
Somethings you expect and some you don't. We watched this boat approach the shore and not really thinking much off it until it just kept comming. Up onto the sand and it revealed itself, a DUKW or some variant.
Nopparat Thara Beach
The beach looked long and with what appeared to be a few rocky islands at the end. That would be our destination. The sand was not the  best with quite a few broken shells making a little bit rough. At least it was much quieter than Ao Nang. The further we walked the better it felt on the foot. The sun was the opposite the further we went the hotter it got and we could sense our skin cooking a little.
Nopparat Thara Secret Beach
Those rocky outcrops hid a little sandbank a bit like a secret beach but not very secret. A few other people had found their way here but not enough to make it feel like a crowd. The water was cooling and was a relief from the sun. Swimming close to the rocks we had a few tropical fish to keep us company. Not too close, those rocks are sharp and I had a few bits of sliced skin on my toes.
There was one little annoyance here. Long tail and speed boats were constantly passing and there was a slight hint of oil in the water. Not enough to put anybody off but it was there.
Food and refreshment was found just off the beach here, actually quite a selection. We had our regular bottle of Chang and two glassed here are just over 50THB. I think that much have been the cheapest bottle of beer we have ever had.
After the nice cooling refreshing drink it was a few steps next door for some food. Chicken, Some Squid and a rice dish all very tasty.
Wandering back along the beach, half the time wading in the water the rest of the time under the trees next to the road the time seemed to fly past. Evening was already showing signs of approaching and we arrived back as darkness fell.
I did stop for a banana shake to quench my thirst, it might have been a mistake.
After a bit of a rest and shower in our hotel room it was out in the town again. I knew there were lively pubs and bars around here but I was not allowed to go near them for some reason. We ended up on the other side of town for food and a fairly genuine taste of Thai food. A good bit of spice was included with no extra charge which made the mouth and lips feel extremely pleasurable.
The night was quiet, it seemed the bustle of tourist on our first day had left Ao Nang and the weather was warming.
I did feel good.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Travelling Khao Lak to Ao Nang Day 7

An early start today for the trip to Ao Nang. Just enough time for the hotel breakfast before our transport arrived to pick us up at the resort. It was on schedule and we were whisked away and leaving Khao Lak.
The minivan was noticeably empty apart from the two of us and heading in the wrong direction. The driver said we were going to pick up more passengers he just never said where. Khao Lak disappeared in to the distance behind us we began to wonder exactly where the other passengers were. About an hour later after a beautiful trip through the mountains with the morning mist rolling down their edges we arrived, I have no idea where.
Thailand Mountains Morning Mist
We were joined by another couple heading to Koh Lanta and it was just to four of us for the rest of the trip. The scenery was going past too quick to grab decent pictures. I even missed a couple of elephants on the road that the other half seen and of course I believe her. Most of the latter part of the journey was on the highway and around 10.30 we arrived at the minivan terminal just outside Krabi Town.
Krabi Minivan Terminal
There were minivans arriving and minivans departing constantly and a mass of tourist waiting for their onward journeys. It was busy enough for us not to wait long for the short trip to Ao Nang. Maybe if we were going someplace further the wait might have been longer considering it was really still the green season.
The weather was being kind to us to day, lots of blue skies and not even a hint of rain up there with the few clouds looking fluffy and white.
This time a full van and just after midday were were checked in at our hotel and ready for some fun. Food was a priority and getting the photographs on my camera backed up on DVD was not far behind. We killed two birds with one stone with a couple of bowls of noodle soup while were were getting the photographs copied across the road.
Ao Nang was busy, much busier than Khao Lak and Nai Yang with tourists filling the town. This was accompanied by the constant calls for "taxi sir" and "suit sir" from the residents. Most the the restaurants seemed much orientate to the tourists with outlets selling Pizza around every corner. 
Ao Nang Beach LongBoat
The views from the beach front were quite spectacular with islands on the horizon. This with the constant ferrying of passenger by the long boats out on trips and to the other beaches. We spent most of the day acting like tourists with walking around the town, window shopping and snacking.
Ao Nang Sunset
We took a break and sat down near the beach to watch the sunset like many other people here. With the sun dropping down fast we looked a place to eat that was not selling pizza. Just past our hotel  on the road out of town we found an ideal eatery.
Ao Nang Motorcycle Restaurant
This would be a first for us, having our evening meal cooked on the side of a motorcycle. It is something really to be seen. I have no idea how she managed it but we were served with Pad Thai, Papaya Salad and a bowl of Tom Yum soup. No need to say we both enjoyed it as we sat on the plastic chairs at the side of the road.
Evening was just as busy around the town, I still don't want a suit or taxi. We did want to stock up on snacks and drinks and 7-11 was just too convenient to miss.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Time to Remember in Khao Lak Day 6

Another beautiful day and the idea of monsoon rains spoiling the fun felt far away. This morning would be like yesterday and taking up position on the beach for some of the warm rays.
Khao Lak Beach
We had nothing planned out we were just drawn out on to the sand and it was really too enjoyable to miss. Watching the elephants dancing can wait for another trip.

The waves here and in Nai Yang seemed to be constant, I guess there was a strong wind out there in the ocean keeping them rolling in.  Much to my enjoyment but the Other Half found them to be just a little bit too strong,

Where did the day go, time seemed to go fast while we were on the sand. I guess its not everyday you can wake up and just step out on to a tropical beach. I still find it strange how quiet our holidays have been. It is still the same beautiful stretches of beach at low season and why do people not come to enjoy it.
Suwan Palm Swimming Pool
Anyway, their loss and our gain, so to say. The afternoon sees the sun heading out over the Andaman Sea and at the hotel this cast a cooling shade over the pool.  It felt like a nice change floating calmed after the rush of the waves.

A plan for the rest of the day was hatched and after a quick late lunch we would head over to see the Tsunami Museum.
Police Boat 813 Khao Lak
These places are really worth a look if only to really get an idea of the forces involved on that day. The most striking is the Police Boat 813 tossed 2 kilometers inland . Across the road is the Tsunami Museum. Tucked away is the “Stabile” sculpture, it wasn’t very well signposted and we nearly missed it.

Our last night here and we just had to round it off with a last taste of the food at “Ga”.  Pizza, Pasta Steak and other non Thai foods were on offer in other restaurants but we can get that back home. Ga”s was a good find for us and the food was just to addictive not to go back for more.

Khao Lak was very enjoyable , the days seemed to pass quick and maybe we should have spent a little bit more time here. Tomorrow would be an early start. We had arranged a minivan to take us to Ao Nang over in Krabi Provence.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Great Weather in Khao Lak Day 5

The morning broke with beautiful blue skies and already we could feel the heat of the sun. The sounds of the waves were audible from out balcony and there was really only one thing to do – head to the beach.
Khao Lak Hotel Balcony View
Hotel breakfast again which was just as appetizing as yesterdays. I have to be fair here, it was green season and the hotel was practically empty of guests and staff. They did their best and the only other option would have been a walk in to town.
There are a few resorts here that have beach fronts and it seems the nearly cloud free skies brought the guests out on to the beach. We were the only couple from our resort that I noticed on the sand so it was quiet, very relaxing and by now extremely hot.
Nang Thong Beach Khao Lak
It was a relief to jump in the sea to cool down, which seemed to be a constant routine every half hour while we were there. I have no idea how hot it was today, but the sun shining probably added quite a few degree to how it felt.
The hours passed and we reluctantly left the golden beach for the other pleasure we come to Thailand for – Food.
Our first bite arrived as we stepped out of the hotel. A motorcycle complete with barbeque was parked outside and the smell was too tempting. We had a couple of stick of chicken which if I remember right only cost 10 or 20 THB.  That kept us happy for the walk in to town.
Khao Lak Empty Restruant
We stopped at SomSri Restaurant which was situated nice and conveniently just as we hit the main road in Khao Lak. As it turned out we did not feel hungry now.  The heat of the day and more likely that big helping of barbeque chicken did not help. So we each had a bowl of noodle soup with a good portion of seafood. That along with a bottle of Chang to cool down.
It was getting very late in the afternoon and not many hours of  daylight left. That along with the temperature feeling slightly cooler we walked around the town window shopping.
Khao Lak Shops
Twilight is short here and darkness quickly falls. The walking around town seemed to revive our appetite and food was back on our minds. It was back to “Ga” for some more good spicy food and good hospitality.
Tom Yum Soup - Cant Get Enough
The meal turned in to a couple of hours of relaxing and eating while watching life slowly go past.  Around 9pm the town seemed to decide to close up. Shutters were being drawn on the shops across the road, it felt a little bit like Cha Am as the town descended into sleep.
For us we stayed a bit longer before we succumb to the effect of heat of the day. We would either have a great sleep or maybe that sun was just a little bit on the burning side.