Monday, 20 December 2010

Thailand Island Holiday once Again

Thailand called to us once again and we found it had to resist the pull of the exotic beaches and spicy hot food. We had an initial plan but as it all came together the end result was quite different.

Koh Samui Thailand

Rather than staying the whole trip in one place, something more adventurous was called for. Not quite totally carefree travel but we did manage to take in five resorts which meant we has a little bit of travelling to do.

Our first plan was to take in some more locations on the Gulf of Thailand. Island hopping through Ko Tao, Ko Pha-ngan and Ko Samiu became a tentative plan. Ko or Koh Samui was the destination of a recent trip which we found quite enjoyable. A little resort on the north shores of the island. It was not far from the town of Chaweng, which was typically busy and full of tourist. Our beach was quite a contrast with hardly another person on the beach apart from a few local Thais fishing in the water.

The idea looked good, a few days on each island before moving on to the next. The plan started to settle for a few days, but Krabi was still on our mind. Maybe something was pulling us back there.

Nothing was fixed yet, no hotels or flights booked yet so it`s of no surprised that the trip suddenly changed. Was it Krabi calling to us? No quite and not even Thailand. Further south in Malaysia the island of Pinang over on the western coast looked a great starting point. It was easy to get too with a direct flight for us and initiated the idea of another trip.

Starting in Pinang then ferrying over to Langkawi with the island further up the coast in Thailand looking like good resting places with their beaches. Taking in Ko Sukon, Ko Libong and Ko Muk then further north.

Koh Lanta Thailand Sunste

OH! it was suddenly Krabi and Ko Lanta, how could we not miss a chance to renew some our memories of those long long beautiful beaches. It is an island so we have no reason not to put it on our list. Form Koh Lanta it would be over to the famed Phi Phi islands immortalized in the move “The Beach”. We had been reliable informed that there are no dangerous sharks in the seas around Thailand.

Ending the trip was the island of Phuket to spend the last days before jetting out back home.

As with most plans, there is always something to mess them up. The lure of exotic paradise islands were a real temptation but how do we get there.

The thorn in the plan was “Off Season Travel”. Getting ferry connections to some of the islands would be quite hard for us to plan. I expect when you are there on the ground the possibilities of getting from A to B are much easier, but for us thousands of miles away it seemed like it was not going to be practical.

In the end, taking some of the islands that we thought were going to be hard to get too and the thought of spending precious beach time waiting for connections the second plan began to fall apart.

You`ll be glad to know we eventually did arrive at a suitable plan for our journey. Koh Lanta and Krabi did welcome us along with some new places that will be going on the list of places to return to one day.