Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Luxury at Print Kamala Resort

Our last hotel for this trip was the Print Kamala in Phuket. This was another little gem of a find for a good cheap price.

Print Kamal Hotel Room

We picked another forest style hut here which was a short walk from reception. Past the pool and through an increasing greenery that surrounded the resort to our room. The hut was very spacious and appeared to be well maintained.

Print Kamala Decking

The room had a large area for sitting out and enjoying the scenery which included an exotic little jungle  pond. We were spoiled again and only had a few days to enjoy it all.

Print Kamala Jungle Pond

Print Kamal Swimming Pool
Near the entrance to the resort was an very large pool complete with bar. We never sampled the drinks but we had a nice refreshing cool off in the pool.

Road Outside Print Kamal

The resort is not on the beach but it`s just a few steps across the road to the golden sand. For our stay in September it was the green season and the hotel seemed very quiet. It was a relaxing few days days at the end of our holiday.
If we had to complain it would have been a dripping air-conditioner which, with once call to reception, was quickly fixed. That is really the best I can do at finding fault here. On the whole we were well taken care off by the staff.

There are more luxurious rooms available at the Print Kamala and I believe some even have their own private dipping pool. For us we were more than happy with our little forest hut.

It is worth remembering that we come to Thailand for the long sandy beaches and the tasty food. If your going to spend lots of time in a hotel or resort then your missing out on what Thailand has offer.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Alone in Royal Lanta Resort and Spa

This would be our second trip to the island and Royal Lanta came out on top here. We have to thank my Other Half for this, I don't know how she found it. Needless to say it was quite a gem.

Royal Lanta Resort and Spa

The rooms or huts were supposedly designed on traditional Thai houses and were extremely roomy. Laying back on the bed and looking past the large fan above our heads we could see forever. That is to say the roof space was big, I`m sure another floor could have been fitted up there.

Royal Lanta Hotel Room

Royal Lanta Resort Massive Roof

The bathroom had and indoor and outdoor but enclosed shower. We never indulged in the outdoor shower but I guess being exposed to the elements will be attractive for guests.

Royal Lanta Decking and Jungle

Outside we had some decking that allowed us to sit and take in the atmosphere. Altogether I think there might be around 50 rooms here, all spaced out in the gardens. And very tropical gardens they are too. Lots of foliage and trees making it feel very much like your living in a tropical jungle.

The resort had two pools and unfortunately we never took the plunge in either of them. One was near the entrance and the other was nearer the beach. The latter one would have been ideal for use but renovations were in progress.

Royal Lanta Beach View
We were not too sad about that as the Royal Lanta opened up on to the beach. The Green netting in the last photograph is just for storm protection during the low season. Going in the other direction is was just short walk up to the road where lots of great Thai food could be had.

Our four night here were in September and we had expected Lanta to be bit quiet. It turned out much quieter than we had expected. Very few people were seen on the beach and we had noticed the extreme quietness in the resort. As we passed the hotel reception we asked and found out we were the only guests.
It's very hard to accept that this beautiful island and the fabulous resort has so few visitors while we were there.

The resort is more luxurious that we would have needed to enjoy a holiday but it was an amazingly cheap price for us. Would we stay here, definitely.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Cosy Ao Nang Sunset Hotel for 4 Nights

Ao Nang and another four nights to spend enjoying the delights of Thailand. We had a search and really found no resorts exactly on the beach so I can't blame Ao Nang Sunset for that.

Ao Nang sunset Hotel Room

The hotel room had a bit of jungle feel with tree effect furniture along with a nice enough balcony for having a relaxing rest. Ours overlooked enough "jungle" that we could see the animals of the forest jumping around in the trees.

Ao Nang Sunset Balcony

A bit of a shocker was the pool. It was small and crammed in too much of a small space leaving not much room for anything else. Really much too small to enjoy any sort of swim. That was the only slight grumble we had if we had to have a moan.

Ao Nang Quiet Street

The location was in a slightly quieter part of town and not really far from anything. A short walk down the road which was bustling with shops and restaurants to the beach and longtail ferries.

Ao Nang Sunset was a satisfactory hotel and like all the resorts we stayed in this trip we got a good price here. It`s not a place we would rule out if we came back to Ao Nang.

Ao Nang Sunset Hotel Reception

Out of the five resorts this trip one of them has to be at the bottom of the list. Unfortunately this is the one to be it, more of a least best than the worst. Don't let that put you off staying here, it was still a great few days. Ao Nang was just maybe what were were not looking for.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Suwan Palm Resort at Khao Lak

This resort would be our home for a relaxing four nights.  The location is about 10 or 15 minutes walk from the town of Khao Lak. The hotel open up right on the beach and it is quite a fantastic beach.

Suwan Resort Khao Lak
 Suwan Palm Resort View From Balcony

We had a room on the top floor with a balcony that had a nearly wonderful sea view. There is a small garden between the beach and hotel which has a few large trees. This is quite common in Thailand with many areas keeping hotels and resorts below the height of trees.

Suwan Palm Resort Room

The room was spacious with a few sparse bits of furniture thrown in. It was clean and appeared to be in reasonable state of repair. I could add quiet here but again there were not many guests visible. Maybe two more couples were noticed during breakfast.

Suwan Palm Resort Swimming Pool

It is quite a small resort with wings forming a courtyard with quite bit bit of foliage. It does give it a bit of that tropical forest feeling along with a reasonably sized pool. We had this all to ourselves so it was big enough for a bit of cooling off.

Unfortunately the low season sees a lot of resorts and associated restaurants closing up due to lack of customers. We did see a small supermarket and pizza shop along with a travel agent around the resort but they were all shut up. These are nice to be near but the town is not far away.

Being on the beach makes up for all that and believe me that is what you should come here for. We were extremely happy staying here and it is one we would consider going back too.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Staying at Nai Yang Beach Resort

Probably like many other travellers we chose the Nai Yang Beach Resort for it's convenient location near the airport. The journey here was short and took around 10 minutes. We arrived around midnight so we never really had much of a look at the place till the next morning.

Nai Yang Beach Resort Entrance

Daylight revealed that the resort is covers quite large area but for our green season trip it was very quiet. The room was basic but clean and really had everything you'd need for a few days staying here.

Pool at Nai Yang Beach Resort
Just outside our window we had a pool mostly to ourselves which was one of three on the resort. It was just a few steps in the morning and you were having a nice refreshing swim.

Pool at Nai Yang Beach Resort
Breakfast was not included for our stay, we have now idea how typical "hotellish" it would have been. Luckily the resorts location is on the little road that runs through Nai Yang and there were plenty places to grab something to eat.

Nai Yang Neach Resort Reception

We used the resort mainly as just a place to sleep for our few days here. The beach which was just across the road was too much of an attraction for us. If we fly in to Phuket Airport late or after a long flight we would use this resort again. It has a great feature of just being extremely well located.