Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Secret Beach on Koh Lanta

Before we took our trip to the islands of Lanta we had read about the resort having a secret beach hidden away someplace. I guess there are lots of little secret beaches around the world either made up to for adding a little bit of spice to the location. At the other end of the scale they are so secret that every body knows and decided to visit on the same day as you.

The resort at Kaw Kwang was really spoilt for its beach front and with not many other tourists soaking up the ambience of the place the secret beach idea drifted from memory. We were just spoilt for space and sand and had no need to go searching for that little bit extra quietness.

But on chance after a few days it did cross our minds and although we never really went searching our curiosity made it’s location reveal itself. Really we could have just asked and somebody would have pointed us in that direction.

Path to secret beach

Kaw Kwang beach ends at the top of the island with a rocky outcrop with covered in lots of tropical greenery, trees and bushed growing thickly. But Through this jungle a little path was spotted leading up the rocks. Climbing up the hill expecting a long trek which really turned out to be 50 or so meters of well kept path and suddenly ending at the edge of a cliff. Climbing here in darkness and you`d be over the edge.

Lanta Secret Beach

Down below gradually exposing itself was the secret beach. A short stretch of sand bounded by rocks on either side and totally deserted. The clear water gently lapping up the sand as the waves break on the shore.

Lanta Secret Beach

Unfortunately the sun was setting and probably not the best time to venture down – actually there was a set of wooden steps leading down to the beach. Managing a few photographs and walking back down the path the only animal life here I noticed were a few hermit crabs, not where you`d expect to find them far from the water.

Path to secret beach Maybe next time we might make a point of really going there, but as the other beaches were extremely quiet the idea fell from memory. But if you want a little bit of tranquillity you might find it here or maybe there a few other hidden beaches along the island.

Looking back it was a missed opportunity. Then we did have a lot of happiness from the days we spent on the island. It is probably something that will keep for the next visit unless everybody finds out about it.

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  1. Nice little excursion. Finding these small "hidden" places I think is really fun.
    Koh Lanta is such a calm place and what I like is that there are so many different beaches from the very north to the very south as this beach is another evidence for.

    Nice post :)