Monday, 31 January 2011

Khao Lak A Long Beach A Long Walk Day 4

Breakfast was included in the price of the rooms, that is more a preference of the Other Half than mime.
Hotel Breakfast
This is the typical style of food that I often try to avoid. We can have this in most places in the world but its not the flavours that we come to Thailand for.
Suwan Palm Swimming Pool
The sun was up shining and it looked like it would be a beautiful day. The restaurant the setting was nice. With the hotel pool on once side and the garden on the other side leading to the beach.  The names here are slightly misleading.  Khao Lak beach is further south and out side our resort is Nang Thong Beach.
Khao Lak TownBreakfast  over and out in the town of Khao Lak to have a look around in the day light. The sea was far behind and it was quite different from Nai Yang.
Last night while we were looking at out map we decided to walk north to the next village and return along the beaches. We should have realized the tourist maps can deceiving in their scale.
Lost On the Road
It never looked far to go. Actually turned out the be quite a few kilometres walk. Most of the road was populated by various restaurants or stalls selling a bite eat.  It was looking a slightly bit more cloudy than this morning which made the , um, long walk bearable.
Trip Advisor Recomended Closed
This place boasts that it is recommended by a travel site called Tripadvisor. Unfortunately for anybody taking that advice the place was closed. Low season sees a lot of places shutting up for lack of customers, but luckily down the street there are enough places open for food and/or a cooling beer.
Thai Beer Chang
On our leg down the the beach signs of rain were felt and the idea of taking cover seemed best. We popped in to a little eatery and the monsoons broke with rain pouring down outside, it was nice timing and nice food. Along with our bottle Chang we had a snack of some chicken sate.  The rains lasted for maybe 1/2 an hour. Just about he same time for us to finish our drink and carry on to the beach.
Bang Niang Beach
The beach here is called Bang Niang an further north is Khuk Khak beach. It seems like it just a never ending strip of paradise. Even with the clouds still greying the sky, we stripped off our clothes an enjoyed the waters. It was amazingly warn both in and out.
It was a long way back, but the scenery made up for it. Lots of curves on the beach and the waves added a bit of fun as they suddenly rushed up further than we expected.
Khao Lak Surfing
The day went quick. I guess it must have been that underestimating the distance we had to walk.  Sunset saw the skies still overcast but a hint of a beautiful tropical sunset just managing to peek through.
Khao Lak Pancake Stall
The evening saw us back out in Khao Lak town.  The while place was quiet for its size but a little congregation was surrounding the pancake stall and they had a good reason to smile. They were quite tasty.
Restaruant Khao Lak
Another empty restaurant for dinner. It seemed like mother and daughters, they were all sitting outside expecting us to walk past. It got a little bit excited as we started to walk in with everybody springing in to action.
The menu was extensive and somehow we managed to settle for a few dishes that had that mouth watering Thai style and enough spicy heat to keep us happy.
Running Deer Bar Khao Lak
After a walk around town in the warm night and seeing most of the shops close up we decided to head back to the resort. Unfortunately the Running Deer seemed still to be open and we just had to pay it a visit.
It is located just a couple of hundred meters from our beds so it wouldn't be far to go if anybody spend a bit of time here.  The day was over and time to retire. The sun kept itself hidden today but it was still warm and the temperature of the sea hardly changes.
Maybe tomorrow would bring a bit of skin burning sunshine.

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