Friday, 25 March 2011

Sunshine and Monsoon Kamala Beach Day 16

Our last full day on holiday but not time to look back yet. The sun was up and there was a beach we needed to enjoy. First port of call was the inclusive breakfast in the resort. I supposed typical hotel international breakfast but they did have a good range of foods on offer.

Armed with bottles of water and hats we headed across the road to the sea and it looked twice as beautiful as yesterday. The waves were rolling in and crashing on the slope of the beach with hardly anybody there to enjoy it all.

Kamala Beach Sun Loungers

It was a good morning a few clouds but plenty of sunshine. We took to the north of the beach again, passing the sun loungers and massage tents. Here is was just really us, the trees, the sand and the waves.

Kamala Beach

After a good couple of hours splashing around and having a bit of youthful fun there was a noticeable darkness in the clouds and a stronger wind starting to blow.

Kamala Beach Monsoon Clouds

We thought about it for a while and reluctantly decided to move back down the beach.

Kamala Monsoon

Not quite fast enough, we got caught in a heavy monsoon downpour and managed to find some shelter in a restaurant located on the beach. The tables began to fill up with other holidaymakers seeking refuge from the storm.

Kamala Monsoon

For us it was convenient,  a bit of food and a couple of beers while we waited for the rains to stop. It was a long wait, it just seemed to get heavier and heavier. It took a couple of hours and a couple more beers before we thought of chancing our luck.


The rains did ease slightly or so we thought. Hurrying in the direction of the hotel, not more than a couple of hundred meters we got completely soaked. All part of the fun I guess, at least it was not freezing.

Sadly that was our day, we did manage a few hours on the beach but the rains kept up from venturing out for the rest of the day except for an evening meal close by.

We manages lots of monsoon free days it was just a shame we had just a few days to spend in Kamala.  Tomorrow would be traveling back to Phuket Airport and home.

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