Thursday, 17 February 2011

Travelling Khao Lak to Ao Nang Day 7

An early start today for the trip to Ao Nang. Just enough time for the hotel breakfast before our transport arrived to pick us up at the resort. It was on schedule and we were whisked away and leaving Khao Lak.
The minivan was noticeably empty apart from the two of us and heading in the wrong direction. The driver said we were going to pick up more passengers he just never said where. Khao Lak disappeared in to the distance behind us we began to wonder exactly where the other passengers were. About an hour later after a beautiful trip through the mountains with the morning mist rolling down their edges we arrived, I have no idea where.
Thailand Mountains Morning Mist
We were joined by another couple heading to Koh Lanta and it was just to four of us for the rest of the trip. The scenery was going past too quick to grab decent pictures. I even missed a couple of elephants on the road that the other half seen and of course I believe her. Most of the latter part of the journey was on the highway and around 10.30 we arrived at the minivan terminal just outside Krabi Town.
Krabi Minivan Terminal
There were minivans arriving and minivans departing constantly and a mass of tourist waiting for their onward journeys. It was busy enough for us not to wait long for the short trip to Ao Nang. Maybe if we were going someplace further the wait might have been longer considering it was really still the green season.
The weather was being kind to us to day, lots of blue skies and not even a hint of rain up there with the few clouds looking fluffy and white.
This time a full van and just after midday were were checked in at our hotel and ready for some fun. Food was a priority and getting the photographs on my camera backed up on DVD was not far behind. We killed two birds with one stone with a couple of bowls of noodle soup while were were getting the photographs copied across the road.
Ao Nang was busy, much busier than Khao Lak and Nai Yang with tourists filling the town. This was accompanied by the constant calls for "taxi sir" and "suit sir" from the residents. Most the the restaurants seemed much orientate to the tourists with outlets selling Pizza around every corner. 
Ao Nang Beach LongBoat
The views from the beach front were quite spectacular with islands on the horizon. This with the constant ferrying of passenger by the long boats out on trips and to the other beaches. We spent most of the day acting like tourists with walking around the town, window shopping and snacking.
Ao Nang Sunset
We took a break and sat down near the beach to watch the sunset like many other people here. With the sun dropping down fast we looked a place to eat that was not selling pizza. Just past our hotel  on the road out of town we found an ideal eatery.
Ao Nang Motorcycle Restaurant
This would be a first for us, having our evening meal cooked on the side of a motorcycle. It is something really to be seen. I have no idea how she managed it but we were served with Pad Thai, Papaya Salad and a bowl of Tom Yum soup. No need to say we both enjoyed it as we sat on the plastic chairs at the side of the road.
Evening was just as busy around the town, I still don't want a suit or taxi. We did want to stock up on snacks and drinks and 7-11 was just too convenient to miss.

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