Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Time to Remember in Khao Lak Day 6

Another beautiful day and the idea of monsoon rains spoiling the fun felt far away. This morning would be like yesterday and taking up position on the beach for some of the warm rays.
Khao Lak Beach
We had nothing planned out we were just drawn out on to the sand and it was really too enjoyable to miss. Watching the elephants dancing can wait for another trip.

The waves here and in Nai Yang seemed to be constant, I guess there was a strong wind out there in the ocean keeping them rolling in.  Much to my enjoyment but the Other Half found them to be just a little bit too strong,

Where did the day go, time seemed to go fast while we were on the sand. I guess its not everyday you can wake up and just step out on to a tropical beach. I still find it strange how quiet our holidays have been. It is still the same beautiful stretches of beach at low season and why do people not come to enjoy it.
Suwan Palm Swimming Pool
Anyway, their loss and our gain, so to say. The afternoon sees the sun heading out over the Andaman Sea and at the hotel this cast a cooling shade over the pool.  It felt like a nice change floating calmed after the rush of the waves.

A plan for the rest of the day was hatched and after a quick late lunch we would head over to see the Tsunami Museum.
Police Boat 813 Khao Lak
These places are really worth a look if only to really get an idea of the forces involved on that day. The most striking is the Police Boat 813 tossed 2 kilometers inland . Across the road is the Tsunami Museum. Tucked away is the “Stabile” sculpture, it wasn’t very well signposted and we nearly missed it.

Our last night here and we just had to round it off with a last taste of the food at “Ga”.  Pizza, Pasta Steak and other non Thai foods were on offer in other restaurants but we can get that back home. Ga”s was a good find for us and the food was just to addictive not to go back for more.

Khao Lak was very enjoyable , the days seemed to pass quick and maybe we should have spent a little bit more time here. Tomorrow would be an early start. We had arranged a minivan to take us to Ao Nang over in Krabi Provence.

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