Saturday, 19 February 2011

Getting Sick in Thailand Day 9

This would not be a good day.
Wakening up around 2am with the feeling of something not quite right. Quickly followed by a rush to the bathroom. I had eaten some bad food. We suspect it much have been a banana shake I had the previous evening. What ever it was it would knock me out for most of the day and keep the bathroom occupied.
I never ventured outside all day apart from the balcony to have a bit of air. By evening I was feeling a little bit better and took for a short walk.
Sunset Ao Nang Beach
The sun was setting and it was down to Ao Nang Beach for a bit of fresh air and the sound of the sea.
South Ao Nang Beach
We had read of monkeys venturing out on to the beach in the evenings down at the south end of the beach. It wasn't a long walk but for me it felt like a marathon. My body felt like it wanted to go back to sleep and was empty on energy.
Ao Nang Beach
Still the feel of the waves on my legs took my mind of it a little bit and the sunset was worth watching.
Unfortunately we never seen any monkeys and headed back. Not really in much of an eating mood I skipped having a meal and just settled for some juice and sugars.
It was not a good day.

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