Sunday, 20 February 2011

Recovering in Ao Nang Day 10

Woke up feeling a little bit better after my little bout of food poisoning. Managed a little bit of breakfast but still nowhere back to normal. Today would be nearly as uneventful as yesterday.
Ao Nang Street
A quiet day spend around Ao Nang with a little bit of lunch. I was not ready for anything spicy so it was pizza. All the way to beautiful Thailand and I eat a pizza, I should be ashamed. Although we did have a beer. The chang helps, I`m sure somebody told me that.
Chang Always Helps
The holiday was going down hill, the heat of the day sent me back to the hotel and a bit nauseous. I had thought I was recovering, I was, just not enough to enjoy myself.
Islands Sunset Ao Nang
It was our last day in Ao Nang and I was determined not to spend in a hotel room feeling sick. We managed to grab a little bit of the sunset from the hotel and then it was out for dinner.
We always share our meals between us but this time the meals on our plates would be different. The other half went for a Green Thai Curry, lucky girl. Myself I was more sedated and had a little bit of vegetable soup and some spaghetti. It was more Italian food.
Food is one of the reasons we come to Thailand, to taste something more genuine and original. Eating something from Italy felt like I was coping out. To top it off, it never tasted very good either, it was not finished. But I watched the pleasured face of my other half as she enjoyed her curry. Grrrrr
The Monsoon Rains started to fall and we sat for a while drinking a beer while we watched the people go by. It never lasted long and we paid and left.

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