Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Great Weather in Khao Lak Day 5

The morning broke with beautiful blue skies and already we could feel the heat of the sun. The sounds of the waves were audible from out balcony and there was really only one thing to do – head to the beach.
Khao Lak Hotel Balcony View
Hotel breakfast again which was just as appetizing as yesterdays. I have to be fair here, it was green season and the hotel was practically empty of guests and staff. They did their best and the only other option would have been a walk in to town.
There are a few resorts here that have beach fronts and it seems the nearly cloud free skies brought the guests out on to the beach. We were the only couple from our resort that I noticed on the sand so it was quiet, very relaxing and by now extremely hot.
Nang Thong Beach Khao Lak
It was a relief to jump in the sea to cool down, which seemed to be a constant routine every half hour while we were there. I have no idea how hot it was today, but the sun shining probably added quite a few degree to how it felt.
The hours passed and we reluctantly left the golden beach for the other pleasure we come to Thailand for – Food.
Our first bite arrived as we stepped out of the hotel. A motorcycle complete with barbeque was parked outside and the smell was too tempting. We had a couple of stick of chicken which if I remember right only cost 10 or 20 THB.  That kept us happy for the walk in to town.
Khao Lak Empty Restruant
We stopped at SomSri Restaurant which was situated nice and conveniently just as we hit the main road in Khao Lak. As it turned out we did not feel hungry now.  The heat of the day and more likely that big helping of barbeque chicken did not help. So we each had a bowl of noodle soup with a good portion of seafood. That along with a bottle of Chang to cool down.
It was getting very late in the afternoon and not many hours of  daylight left. That along with the temperature feeling slightly cooler we walked around the town window shopping.
Khao Lak Shops
Twilight is short here and darkness quickly falls. The walking around town seemed to revive our appetite and food was back on our minds. It was back to “Ga” for some more good spicy food and good hospitality.
Tom Yum Soup - Cant Get Enough
The meal turned in to a couple of hours of relaxing and eating while watching life slowly go past.  Around 9pm the town seemed to decide to close up. Shutters were being drawn on the shops across the road, it felt a little bit like Cha Am as the town descended into sleep.
For us we stayed a bit longer before we succumb to the effect of heat of the day. We would either have a great sleep or maybe that sun was just a little bit on the burning side.

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