Friday, 24 June 2011

The Beach at Nai Yang, Thailand

Nai Yang Beach turned out to be quite a surprise on our trip to Thailand. The location is just south of Phuket international airport. That was the main reason we decide to stay here before heading off to other locations.

Nai Yang Beach

We had not seen a Thailand beach for many months and we eager to get our feet on the sand. Really any beach would have done. So it came as quite a pleasant shock seeing long stretch of sand.

North Nai Yang Beach

Situated in Sirinat National Park, which means construction is kept to am minimum and anything built has strict regulations.

South Nai Yang Beach

While we were there in the low season most of the beach was free from signs of tourism. There were just a few sun-beds at the busier part of town.  Maybe in the high season month the place become more tourist but I hope not.

The north end of the beach seemed the most pristine. There seemed to be nothing there apart from the trees and the sea with the golden sand in-between.

LongTail Boats Nai Yang Beach

During the evening we has our meal on the beach, luckily the weather was favorable as it was supposed to be monsoon season.

This is definitely our style of beach, very quiet and not any sign of tourist traps anyplace. The hotels, restaurants a a few shops were all close together, just at the edge of the beach, but it never felt crowded in the little village.

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