Friday, 8 July 2011

Spectacular Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach is situated in its own little quiet bay on the west coast of Phuket Island, Thailand. It is far enough away from the main tourist traps of the more popular beaches but still close enough for night of excitement in Phuket town.

Long Boat On Kamal Beach

This was the last beach before our flight out of Phuket, so we wanted something close to the airport but still quiet enough for our relaxing holiday pace. There was a hint of tourist development here with a few noticeable massage tents dotted on the south end of the beach. On the whole it was quite and clear of anything that would remind us of a package holiday.

 Kamala Beach Sun Loungers

While the beach is quite short there was plenty space for us to get our feet on the sand. It was actually a bit too hot on our toes and we walked along the path at the side of the beach for a short time.

Kamala Beach Waves

The waves crashing on the beach were amazing and even better once in that cool clear tropical water. This was in the low season which is generally monsoon time. Unfortunately for it the skies did open for a while and the rains poured quite heavily. As we sat sheltering in a cafe on the beach side we spotted a few people still enjoying the waters.

Kamala Beach

High season may see Kamala Beach with more tourists and activities but if you are like us and want for a bit more of that deserted island feel then low season will be up your street.

Thailand has many beaches to offer, the only problem is there are all great. It is hard to choose but Kamala Beach is going to have a return visit from us. If only life was so much longer we could spend more time enjoying the pleasures of the country.

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