Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Luxury at Print Kamala Resort

Our last hotel for this trip was the Print Kamala in Phuket. This was another little gem of a find for a good cheap price.

Print Kamal Hotel Room

We picked another forest style hut here which was a short walk from reception. Past the pool and through an increasing greenery that surrounded the resort to our room. The hut was very spacious and appeared to be well maintained.

Print Kamala Decking

The room had a large area for sitting out and enjoying the scenery which included an exotic little jungle  pond. We were spoiled again and only had a few days to enjoy it all.

Print Kamala Jungle Pond

Print Kamal Swimming Pool
Near the entrance to the resort was an very large pool complete with bar. We never sampled the drinks but we had a nice refreshing cool off in the pool.

Road Outside Print Kamal

The resort is not on the beach but it`s just a few steps across the road to the golden sand. For our stay in September it was the green season and the hotel seemed very quiet. It was a relaxing few days days at the end of our holiday.
If we had to complain it would have been a dripping air-conditioner which, with once call to reception, was quickly fixed. That is really the best I can do at finding fault here. On the whole we were well taken care off by the staff.

There are more luxurious rooms available at the Print Kamala and I believe some even have their own private dipping pool. For us we were more than happy with our little forest hut.

It is worth remembering that we come to Thailand for the long sandy beaches and the tasty food. If your going to spend lots of time in a hotel or resort then your missing out on what Thailand has offer.


  1. sounds lovely! how was dining experience? and were there lotsa bugs and flying stuff being a forest hut and all?

  2. Not much biting happening, maybe the pond is "treated" and the nearby sea breeze has to help. But as I have found out the little critters are fussy as to who they like to bite.

    All we had at the hotel was breakfast, say no more.