Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Alone in Royal Lanta Resort and Spa

This would be our second trip to the island and Royal Lanta came out on top here. We have to thank my Other Half for this, I don't know how she found it. Needless to say it was quite a gem.

Royal Lanta Resort and Spa

The rooms or huts were supposedly designed on traditional Thai houses and were extremely roomy. Laying back on the bed and looking past the large fan above our heads we could see forever. That is to say the roof space was big, I`m sure another floor could have been fitted up there.

Royal Lanta Hotel Room

Royal Lanta Resort Massive Roof

The bathroom had and indoor and outdoor but enclosed shower. We never indulged in the outdoor shower but I guess being exposed to the elements will be attractive for guests.

Royal Lanta Decking and Jungle

Outside we had some decking that allowed us to sit and take in the atmosphere. Altogether I think there might be around 50 rooms here, all spaced out in the gardens. And very tropical gardens they are too. Lots of foliage and trees making it feel very much like your living in a tropical jungle.

The resort had two pools and unfortunately we never took the plunge in either of them. One was near the entrance and the other was nearer the beach. The latter one would have been ideal for use but renovations were in progress.

Royal Lanta Beach View
We were not too sad about that as the Royal Lanta opened up on to the beach. The Green netting in the last photograph is just for storm protection during the low season. Going in the other direction is was just short walk up to the road where lots of great Thai food could be had.

Our four night here were in September and we had expected Lanta to be bit quiet. It turned out much quieter than we had expected. Very few people were seen on the beach and we had noticed the extreme quietness in the resort. As we passed the hotel reception we asked and found out we were the only guests.
It's very hard to accept that this beautiful island and the fabulous resort has so few visitors while we were there.

The resort is more luxurious that we would have needed to enjoy a holiday but it was an amazingly cheap price for us. Would we stay here, definitely.

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