Sunday, 27 December 2009

Afternoon at the River in Krabi Town- Day 10

Weather – Wet, Wet, Wet

Having arrived in Krabi Town and settled in to the hotel a look around town was needed. The first time we were in Krabi it was already dark and not really ideal for taking in any sights. It was also raining all those days ago, so far the town for us is wet.

We had brought just one umbrella for emergencies and the hotel gladly offered us an extra one. It wasn’t really needed for long, the monsoons eased and eventually stopped. Some food needed again and keeping in with the Thailand style we had pizza and chips.

The town is not really big and most things seems localized on the one or two streets running along side the river. That included the banks and currency exchanges. These were getting badly needed as our Thai money was running out and unknowingly we were also running out of time. The bank we approached had already closed and the money exchanger had already done her calculations for the day so we realized we were left to scrimp and save until the morning.

Krabi Town River

Having a walk along the river to pass the time and take in a bit of the Mangrove views we were approached by a rather large gentleman. He was a fisherman touting for some business, offered to take us on a trip up the river. We had a little and large conversation about our cash flow and our need to wait till tomorrow for the banks to open. It was then he dropped a bombshell about tomorrow being Saturday and the banks being closed.

Fish Crab Krabi River

Tonight's dinner was looking like seafood, fish and crab, with a little cigarette to finish the meal off. In our 24 hours a day life we have been to complacent.

Krabi River Boat

Krabi River View

The views up the river were quite pleasant although the tide seemed to be out and the river banks were exposed with mud. At least it wasn't cluttered with thrown away shopping trolleys.

Away from the river there was a night market happening. This was taking place in the square behind the hotel that we spent our first night in. It appeared more of a fun-fair atmosphere with a few rides for the kids along with lots of home made wares and food. Extremely busy with lots of people in very small space. But we managed to get hold of some deep fried ice cream.

Krabi Town Night Time

Sometimes events take place that come completely unexpected and have quite dramatic consequences. Needless to say one of those events happened to us and completely filled the rest of our evening. To skim over it quickly we were treated completed free of charge to the spiciest meal we have ever had in Thailand. Spread over 6 dished of delicious food specially prepared for us both. The earlier wondering of how to catch dinner in the river seemed much like a silly idea now.

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