Monday, 4 January 2010

Krabi, Bangkok and Home – End of the Dream

Weather – Dry and Sunny

Woke early, really early about 4 hours too early for being on holiday. At 6.45 a.m. I was out on the streets of Krabi Town on the search for some 7-11 and a dose of chocolate milk for breakfast.

Krabi Town Traffic Lights Krabi Town Streets Krabi Town Streets

The streets were practically deserted, well what sensible people would be up walking around town so early apart from the foreigners. It was a good chance to get a look around without the crush of people and standing in the middle of the road without, much, fear of getting ran over by a speeding taxi driver.



Later we had breakfast proper and with a few hours to spare headed over to a morning market a few streets away. The place was full of everything imaginable here. Vegetables of all kinds, fruit and flowers along with a good sampling of fresh fish and seafood. It was a shame we had breakfast as there was also quite a bit of cooked food on offer.

Krabi Morning Market

Weather – Getting much Hotter

Decided to have a little walk along some of the roads and double back to the hotel to freshen up before heading to the airport. Using our excellent navigation skills of angles of the sun to gauge our direction everything was going fine until we realized we were lost.

It was turning out to be a good morning, forgetting to take our hats, the sun getting hotter and the sweat making us look like we had just stepped out of the shower clothed and the impending realization of not getting back to catch our flight.

Buddha or whatever must have been looking down on us and on the most deserted of roads sent along a little motorcycle and sidecar. Thinking this was a taxi we waved it down and it passed looking like it would never stop. Turns out it wasn’t a taxi but just some locals and their intuition that we were lost in Krabi Town. Despite us not speaking Thai and them not speaking English (how do you say “oh no another lost foreigner” in Thai) they took us back to the centre of town and relieved we walked the familiar streets to our hotel.

If that was not enough, Buddha also made our flight late just in case we somehow were late at the airport. The delay, unknown, at this time would call for a bit of skill by the pilots once we reached Bangkok.

IMG_4097 Finally taking off and leaving Krabi and Koh Lanta far behind we had some nice view of the East coast. Gulf of Thailand where a few more island paradises. In the distance was Koh Samui and the memories more sandy beaches, great food and sunburn.

Koh Samui

Weather – Monsoon and some more.

Approaching Bangkok and the reason for the delay was appearing. The blue clear skies of krabi were replaced by dark grey clouds as we slowly descended to land. It was difficult to catch any glimpses of the ground but the plane carefully tried to line itself up for the runway. It was not to be, the clunking of the flaps going up and the screaming of the little Boeing 737’s engines indicated an aborted landing. It was hard to see how close we got but I’m guessing a few feet more and the wheels would have touched the flood that was once a runway.

Monsoon Bangkok Airport Luckily after a bit of holding and a break in the rains we landed. The thickness of the clouds must have helped obscure the dangers from the passengers as they mostly seemed unconcerned.

Air Asia Airbus A short stop over in Bangkok and then boarding the flight back to home and reality. It was all over and the warming sun was gone, no more getting up in the mornings and lazing on the beach. The speed of life was about the change and the time on the clock will begin to rule our days again.

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