Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sun Down and Arnee Food Gets Spicy - Day 9

With our time on Koh Lanta nearly over it was back to our hotel to arrange for transport. We were heading back to Krabi Town by minivan again and asked at reception to make arrangements for pickup the next day. The price was around 200THB each which was a little bit more than the cost of the outbound leg.

Still very quiet but the view here was good, looking past the table and chairs towards the pool and the beach in the background.

Kaw Kwang Resort

We were hoping to see lots of brightly coloured fish, sadly nothing came our way. The long sandy beaches were probably not ideal for tropical fish with no place to hide from preying sharks or the heat of the sun (no sharks either). Probably if we tried harder we would have found them, but as a consolation the Kaw Kwang hotel had a few carp swimming around at the doorway.

Fish Kaw Kwang Resort

Tickets booked, morning pickup arranged and as the sun going down time for a last dip in the pool. The last Lanta sunset was showing for us and that secret beach was still being elusive. Maybe it was just a myth made up by somebody looking for more than paradise. I`m sure somebody could make that idea into a great movie!

Sunset Kaw Kwang beach

The evening started with the usual long walk along Klong Dao beach. We were beginning to know all the bumps and curves having walked across here many times. To be honest, we were really a bit far from things, especially with the whole off season quietness. Probably next time we venture here a resort a bit closer to food would be better, for peace and relaxation it’s prefect. During the peak season with more restaurants open it should be even more desirable being slightly away from the crowds.

Food is always a good place to end the day and a bit of Tom Yom would go down nicely, Our host was Arnee`s again, it seemed like we lived there. As with Sanuk Bar it was really at the right location for us, not too far but close enough.

Along the beach, along the strip and all in-between were hotels, resorts and restaurants but it was hit or miss to find some open and serving food. Night was probably not the best time to go wandering around the jungle, I’m sure there are a few creatures that you wouldn’t want to startle lurking in the bush.

Tom Yum Spicy Soup

So soup and extra spicy was requested, I`d guess this about the level a Thai baby reaches when they go on to solid food. For us it was hot. Apart from the great combination of flavours the feeling of getting a roasting red hot poker stuck in your mouth is somehow very pleasantly addictive.

With the day closing we try not to think of leaving Koh Lanta, the combination of spice and a few more beers than usual helped to sedate those thoughts. The knowledge of all those bumps and curves of the beach became very handy on the wandering winding way back to the resort. From this point on the rest of the night seems like a blur and I think we behaved …. hopefully.


  1. I have to confess that I'm really jealous that the two of you were able to spend such an extended period there. Everything looks wonderful.

  2. Thanks, it was the kind of place where the weight of life on your shoudlers felt like a feather.