Thursday, 15 April 2010

Keeping Healthy on the Island.

There is nothing more upsetting about going on your ideal holiday and falling ill. Days wasted perhaps stuck in bed or unable to enjoy the pleasures that you originally came to see.

If you are going to fall ill it is best that it happens at home and not on those precious days that you looked forward too. The biggest cause of sadness here is the one of the main reasons you came to the island. Like all areas in the tropics the Sun can be quite a demon and we tend to learn those lessons the hard way.

Sunburn The basics apply here, a good strong sun-block no matter how much you think you don’t need it. You will not look silly and it is much better than looking like a cooked lobster along with the aching pain that goes along with sunburn. Hats are more than essential, preferably something with a brim to keep the sun off your face and neck. Water, Water and more Water. Your body will be loosing lots of water and and with the heat instantly evaporating the sweat you may not notice. Keep a bottle or two near by and keep taking the occasional sip even if you thing you might not need it. Do not just rely on the complementary water in your hotel or resort, you will need more than just a bottle each day.

Lanta Beach Hat

If your planning to get off the beach then do cover up a little bit. This applies both to keeping healthy and as a bit of respect to the local culture here, this applies especially for women.

Insect Bite Insect bites can occur, especially from those little mosquitoes. But on our trips which have mainly been close the coastal areas we rarely have the pleasure of being bitten. It does happen and prevention is better then cure here for anybody who may be a bit more allergic than others.

The other major cause of health problems in food. We enjoy the Thai food and have eaten in western style restaurants and also taken food from the back of motorcycles. I have to say we have never had any tummy problems whatsoever in Thailand. If the local style of food is not to your appetite then there are many outlets along the beach that can serve food western style.

Hopefully your trip to Koh Lanta or other beautiful areas of Thailand will be a happy and health one. Should the worst happen and you may need medical care then the staff at your resort will be able to help. The island hosts a hospital and one thing we should have, but never use, is medical insurance.

Taking those little precautions will will help you enjoy one of the best holiday locations you will experience.

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