Thursday, 29 October 2009

Day 2 – Wet First day on Lanta, Thailand and Food

Weather Still Cloudy…

Hunger getting the better of us, we never really had breakfast yet. we set off into the unknown in the search of food. Well it was really a walk along the beach. Kaw Kwang sits in a bay at the top of Klong Dao so we had a good view all the way down the beach, it looked like it was miles long.

Kaw Kwang Resort Leaving our resort behind we walked along the shore in our flip-flops, the sand seemed quite hard and looked very fine. Following the curve and getting our feet a little bit wet as we paddled in the warm water, we passed and area what we would come to call “the darkness”. A stretch of beach practically devoid of hotels, with Jungle right up the edge of the sand. In day time we could see our way easily but come night then it was a different story.

On one side the sound of the waves lapping on the shore and on the other side the sounds of the Jungle sending shivers down your spine. A total lack of lighting added quite a lot to the effect here with the occasional and near collision of strangers coming in the opposite direction. Only guidance was flickering light of Kaw Kwang guiding your home in the distance.

In reality most of the strangers were quite often a family group, complete with pram trekking along the sand, and the only wildlife were the abundance of little sand crabs scurrying away hoping not to get stepped on.

So onward for feed, signs of civilization started to appear as we moved along the beach. Hotels and resorts, most of them still looked devoid of life and protected from the sea with windbreaks were passed by. We thought we would starve to death until we came across a palace which would become a frequent stopping off place in the days to come.

Sanuk Bar emerged as an oasis for us, indicating “food food” with our now under-nourished bodies we were welcomed inside as the heavens again started to open and Monsoon came down. The place looked like it had been here for years and had been constructed from whatever was washed up on the shore but that just added to the ambience of the place. Nourishment here was a plate of noodles for the O.H and vegetable fried rice for myself along with a soon to be customary bottle of beer, large, and two glasses.

Rain off…

With the hunger famished and a little rest while we chatted with the hosts and their dogs we were ready to go on our way again. Further down the beach we went passing nobody else and looking for some road or track to get off the beach. Actually exists are all along the beach but not really noticeable as all the hotels and restaurants are crammed close together to try and get a patch of sand.

Finding a little passage we headed inland and hoped to exit on the road that runs down the island. It wasn't a long walk and relatively easy after trekking through the sand. The sounds of traffic were heard and no sooner we were on the road. It stretched into the distance in each direction and abundantly patched along each side with restaurants, shops and markets. The name we gave this was “The Stip”. In the distance we spotted what we had been looking for. Perched high calling to us was the “7-11” sign.

Passing down the road, paved on one side and scattered with puddles and red mud washed down form the hills with the seasons Monsoon. We reached out destination and stocked up with supplies to keep ourselves well snacked and quenched during our stay. Realizing the weight of our greed and the distance back to the hotel along with the potential downpour we hailed down the Lanta form of a taxi. The same style as in Krabi, a motorcycle with a sidecar bolted on the side. The price here was 50THB for each of us to get back to the hotel.

Lanta, Road to Saldan A quick storage of the supplies and we were off again, another walk this time along the road that leads into Saladan. running along the coast at the north of the island with more Jungle on the other side and like “The Darkness” quite devoid of streetlights. Daylight was still penetrating through the clouds to show our way but by the time we got to Saladan the night came quick. We had a look around the town which is really really quite small so that was short and along with it being dark we wandered in the direction of food again.

Having Beer in Saladan I can`t remember exactly what we had here but the food must have been good as we returned later in the holiday for some more. Needless to say we had beer again, large, 2 glasses. This restaurant was deserted, just the two of us here again. People were going back and forth outside but most of them must have been locals going about their business. Entertainment here was supplied by the Optical Girls across the road, all dressed in white looking very pretty. When I said entertainment, I mean watching them trying to keep busy with no customers around. Like some of the hotels , quite a few of the shops seem to have given in and closed down for a length of time.

Reaxing at Kaw Kwang After a satisfying meal ( i`m sure it was Thai style food) it was an another taxi ride back to the hotel 40THB each from Saladan and the last part of the evening was spent relaxing on the balcony sipping something cold and listening to the sounds of the Jungle. Frogs croaking out to each other and the occasional buzz of a mosquito as it passes your ear. Other than that complete silence of the human kind.

Lions and Tigers Lurk in the Darkness The first days weather was not ideal and we were more than surprised at the lack of other holidaymakers here. If we had realized this we might have chosen a resort further along the beach for the quiet season. Kaw Kwang resort itself was more than we could have asked for, a nice quite place but not too remote to be stuck there.

Tomorrow I confidently predict the sun will shine.

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